Food is at the heart of community, so come as you are.
Have a seat at the table.


For the ALLERGY conscious & EVERYDAY FOLK

Conscious eating has always been a priority and a passion in our life. As for Becca, she married into this crazy adventure, but for me, it's been quite a history.

It at all started in high school when I decided to become a vegetarian. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I deeply desired justice in the food industry. One thing lead to another and I became a devoted vegan. As a sweet-toothed vegan living in the woods, I quickly learned that it was time to venture into baking with vegan ingredients. Countless experiments came after this realization; many failed, some succeeded. After years of practice, I began to master the chemistry of vegan baking. Throughout college, I was asked to bake for family gatherings, birthday parties, and even an occasional wedding. I began to recognize my true passion for celebration, and found my place at the party.

As Becca and I continue to explore our niche in celebrating the lives of others, we carry through not only our desire to use conscious ingredients, but also the passion to bake for anyone and everyone. We strive to provide baked goods for every celebration and every customer, breaking down the barriers of dietary restrictions. We pride ourselves on our ability to bake for the gluten intolerant, the dairy sensitive, the nut allergic, and even your crazy aunt who doesn't eat all three.

Let us assist you next time you gather with your loved ones. We'd love to be a part of your celebration!

Nick Van Liere


As the head baker at Rise you can find me in the kitchen elbow deep in doughnut batter and covered in chocolate ganache. My natural habitat consists of sticky counter tops, hot ovens, and a sink full of dishes. The kitchen is my happy place; I find joy in the fast paced multitasking that the job of a baker demands. I posses a true passion for creating new recipes full of unique flavor combinations, and using substitute ingredients that never fail to impress. When I'm not in the kitchen, I enjoy getting to know our customers. Whether its responding to emails, talking on the phone, or visiting in person, I truly enjoy hearing your story.  With all of that said, I am excited for the opportunity to be part of your life celebrations, and I extend to you an invitation to our table.

Becca Van Liere


At the start of Nick’s baking career I was avoidant of the kitchen, cheering him on from the living room where I sipped coffee and drew up logo designs, staying clear of the powdered sugar clouds. I had never been a baker, measurements weren’t my strong suit, and it involved too much math to possibly be fun. After years of Nick slowly luring me into the kitchen for help, he patiently taught me the chemistries of the perfect dough and gave me grace when I almost burned the house down. I’m no master chef, I still use the toothpick method and set timers, but I continue to settle myself into the role of Sous Chef. I’ve found that my niche in the Rise kitchen is through creative output and assisting my love in making his delicious creations both pleasing to the eye and to the taste buds. I’m thankful for this journey we are on, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.


Rise + Squibb // Monday thru Saturday

Bridge Street Market // Monday thru Sunday

Roots Brew Shop // Monday thru Saturday

Corridor Coffee // Monday thru Sunday

Ferris Coffee (Winter Ave) // Monday thru Saturday

Lantern Coffee // Monday thru Sunday

Ferris Coffee (Trust Building) // Monday thru Saturday

Lyon Street Cafe // Monday thru Sunday

Sparrows Coffee // Monday thru Sunday

Squibb Coffee // Monday thru Sunday

Outside Coffee Co // Monday thru Sunday

Global Infusion // Monday thru Saturday

Bodhi Tree Juice Co // Fresh pick ups on Thursdays

See y'all soon!


We deliver our baked goods to a variety of coffee shops and restaurants in the downtown Grand Rapids area. If you are wanting to place a custom order, please submit a form at the bottom of our website! You can find our baked goods at...

Ordering & Inquiries 

Looking for the perfect dessert or breakfast pastry? Look no further! Rise accepts custom orders by the half dozen! We ask that no more than two flavors are selected per dozen and that orders are placed a week in advance. If you have any questions on how to order, please inquire in the form below! We cannot wait to meet you and join in your celebration!

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